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Produkte für die LDPE- Produktion

TRIBO produce Plunger, made from solid Cemented Carbide, up to 150 mm (5,9 in) in diameter and 1500 mm (59 in) in length. We also manufacture Tungsten Carbide coated Steel-plunger. For the coating TRIBO produce self special HVOF spray powder with 88TC/12Co composition for receiving lowest porosity after spraying process As additional service for our customers we make refinishing or refurbishment of used full Cemented Carbide plungers and coated steel plungers too. We produce our goods on the highest level in market from powder handling , pressing, sinter hipping (see article 3 in publication), finishing and testing. TRIBO super finished surface maximum is Ra =0,005 micron and Rz= 0,05 micron.

All Plungers are strictly tested by the independent TÜV Nord MPA organization The following tests are obligatory: ultrasonic test, eddy current test, penetration test and 100% visual surface control under magnification with camera system.

Results of the tests are documented and given to the costumer with the so called plunger file. The detailed production process and the single steps of the test methods are specified in the Plunger specification.


Liners made from solid cemented carbide were used in hyper compressors for the production of low density polyethylene (LDPE) To resist the extreme stress the cemented carbide liner is reinforced or double reinforced in a steel bushing system.. For these products we use also special designed raw materials from selected suppliers for making the blanks. With highest precision TRIBO manufacture the Cemented Carbide liners and the steel bushing systems completely.

All parts are tested by the independent TÜV Nord MPA organization too. All Details of manufacturing process and steps of the Test methods even the packing are specified in in the Liner specification

Products for the LDPE-production
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